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Learning Kit Subscription Box

How it works

Step 1:
Choose your subscription plan
Step 2:
We will prepare your box for shipment
Step 3:
Unbox your happy mail and start boosting your Bisaya-Cebuano language skills
Step 4:
Repeat Steps 2-3 until the end of the subscription period
Person Using Laptop
Wrapping an Object

This is the roadmap for Absolute Beginners. Each number corresponds to a month.

Our subscription offers a clear step-by-step curriculum delivered monthly ensuring regular learning and maximum word retention.

These boxes will help students build their vocabulary so they can talk and engage confidently in the Bisaya-Cebuano language.

Lesson and Activity Book
Interactive Learning Material
Word Search Booklet
A3-size Poster
Fun facts about Cebu and the Philippines
QR Codes to access audio of each lesson and Quizlet Online Test 

What's inside the box?

*images below are from Box 1
BOX 1 ACTIVITY BOOK cover page.jpg
Interactive Matching Games_edited.jpg
Pages are laminated for easy writing and erasing. The box comes with a handy marker and an eraser. You can use it again and again so you don't need to buy new activity books. This book comes with Pronunciation Guides.
This set makes learning fun and keeps students interested.

Please note: Monthly boxes may contain different designs of interactive learning materials.

Word search puzzles introduce beginners to new vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.
Green Simple Filipino Abakada Educational Poster.jpg
Posters make learning languages more enjoyable and effective by providing continuous exposure and visual support, creating an immersive learning environment (comes with a Pronunciation Guide).
fun fact template.jpg
Short and engaging way to learn about the Cebuano language and Philippine culture.
BOX 1 ACTIVITY BOOK with qr code.jpg
Gain access to audio resources to improve Cebuano pronunciation. Additionally, use another QR code to access Quizlet online, enabling you to test your vocabulary whenever you like.

Unboxing of Box 1

This is for...

Families who speak Cebuano aim to reconnect with their heritage through language, keeping their linguistic traditions alive.
Individuals who prefer learning Cebuano through physical products.
Individuals who are seeking to boost their vocabulary and word retention.
A strong language foundation is crucial for progress and success in language learning.
Individuals/Families who are creating a library of Cebuano resource materials.
Cebuano Language teachers. This is a great resource material to use with students.
Professionals or business individuals aiming to enhance their Cebuano language skills for career advancement or effective communication with business partners.

Pricing Plans

One time purchase
SAVE: P200
Billed monthly
SAVE: P300
Billed monthly
SAVE: 400
Billed monthly
Subscription Plans for Philippine address: FREE shipping
International address: We ship via DHL. Shipping fees not included in the price.
Important: Receiver pays for duties and taxes, if applicable. 
We will ship your box within 5 working days after we receive your monthly payment.

Why join the waitlist?

1. Joining the waitlist ensures you're among the first to receive updates on our subscription development.
2. Stay ahead of the game: With limited boxes up for grabs, joining the waiting list ensures you're first in line to receive yours.
3. Enjoy an exclusive discount: As a waiting list member, you'll receive 20% off your first box.
4. Maximize your savings: Our subscription box is designed to provide affordable access to valuable Cebuano resource materials, helping you save more on your language journey.

Get 20% off on your first subscription box if you join the waiting list.


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