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45 Food Packs Given to Renters under Hard lockdown

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Maayong adlaw mga higala! This is the update on our third batch food pack donation. The beneficiaries are Renters or Boarders in our community. We are still under ECQ hard lockdown. These renters are not part of the SAP (Social Amelioration Program - Financial Aid) given by the government. Actually, a lot of us are not part of the financial program especially the Middle Income families. Most of our beneficiaries have children and are out of jobs.

Our donation food packs will help the beneficiaries augment their resources. WE are all thankful to all our donors.

One of our donor is celebrating her birthday in advance. She donated 31 in-kind food packs and diapers. She is Judylyn. Thank you again and advance Happy Birthday!

Thank you also to Matsunuma and Abigael Seville & Family!

For this batch, we have P8,613.38 budget.

Our food packs: Rice (2 1/2 kg - 4kg), Cabbage, Upo, Green Monggo beans, Garlic, Onions, Soy sauce sachet, vinegar sachet, 1 sachet seasoning, Sweet potatoes, squash and sayote.

Our Beneficiaries:

I also learned that we also have stranded individuals beneficiaries. They are from Luzon. They were all smiles and thankful. They cannot go back to their homes yet due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine Lockdown.

We also have 6 extra vegetable packs that were distributed also by our volunteer. These families have different stories but only one denominator - they need food.

Please watch the video below for more details.

Daghang Salamat kaayo for all the support. If you are interested to donate, we are still accepting donations thru our Paypal account:

Maestra Judy

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