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Working on a Learning Kit Box

Hi Higala,

This might come as a surprise to you that I am blogging. I just felt that this is a good idea to let you know what I have been creating and doing behind the scene. (Apologies mga higala about the first email, I was supposed to hit Save instead I hit the Publish button and my site automatically sent notifications to your email. Pasensya kaayo.)

So, I am creating my first-ever Learning Kit Box. I wanted to bring and show you my journey. If you are interested, please watch the video. What's in the video: How I made the vocabulary list notebook and some challenges along the way, making my own shipping box, snippets of the products and how I made them, and update on shipping from the Philippines.

I'm a bit hesitant to keep a lot of inventory of the Learning kit. I am not sure how many of you will order it so I think it's best to go for the pre-order system.

Pre-order means you pay the learning kit plus the shipping cost in advance.

Please watch out for my next email about the launching of the learning kit to all my site members on Friday, June 24, this week. Let's open the learning kit box together.

Hopefully, you will be part of the first batch of my very first learning kit box.

Daghang salamat higala.

Maestra Judy

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