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Help your kids to be bilingual. 

This bilingual picture book is a great way to introduce the conversational Bisaya-Cebuano language to your little one or anyone who wants to learn it.

This book is designed to help kids learn the Cebuano language quickly through reading. There are repetitions of words that will help kids absorb words faster. Our brain loves repetition. This book includes a vocabulary page in Bisaya-Cebuano and English with a pronunciation guide.


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What you'll learn in this book:
How to say "I like..."
Adjectives: tall and short
5 basic verbs (read, draw, sing, dance, cook)


Other details:

Total pages: 28 pages

Saddle stitch binding

Print: High-quality

Paper: 170 gsm - 200gsm


 The phrases or sentences are simple and easy to understand so as not to overwhelm the child or the learner.

Age level: 3 years old and up; Absolute beginners

Level 1 Set 1 Book 2 Si Rabit

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