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Book Sponsorship

Hi mga higala!
I have exciting news! I genuinely want you to be with me in this book journey. I am inspired by everyone to take this initiative and it feels right if you are a part of it and your name ends up on it. 
I believed that with the help of the Cebuano101 community, we will be able to produce level 1, set 2 books on schedule and your sponsorship will greatly help in the distribution of the books to the target market niche. Hopefully, if I get a good number of people to support me in this initiative, I might be able to offer the books affordable to the masses. Currently, as much as I want it to, I cannot reach the minimum requirement of any printing press since I am serving a specific market niche. Thus, my price is higher compared to books in the same category in the Philippine market. 

In appreciation of your support, I'll be giving out mementos to mark the occasion. Click the select button of your chosen sponsorship. The book launch will be on February 28. 

Agent of Change



Your name will be included on the Thank you page in Level 1, Set 2, Books 1-4 
[eBook and Paperback]
A copy of these books will be submitted to the National Library of the Philippines. Your name will forever be on those books as a testament that you were a part of the book's journey. 
Electronic copy of Level 1, Set 2 Books
[4 eBooks in PDF]
Electronic handwrittten dedication from Maestra Judy
eBook + Audio 
Level 1, Set 2 Books
[4 Books]
Paperback + Free Shipping anywhere in PH
Receive paperback copy of
Level 1, Set 2, Books 1 - 4 with handwritten dedication from Maestra Judy.

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