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Donation Drive for Cebuano Families

Maayong adlaw mga Higala! Last June 16, 2020, I did a Cebu City Update Youtube Live Stream. I received a message from Father Darek, a subscriber, living in Davao. We chatted and he noticed that I was distressed in that livestream. I did not realize that :) Have you noticed anything about me in that livestream? (Watch the live stream here)

I was worried of our fellow Cebuanos. We have been in community quarantine for so long and this will definitely take its toll to a lot of families especially those most vulnerable. I know I have to do something for our neighbors I just don't know where to start.

Just to give you an idea. In our Sityo, there is an area where a good number of families who are living for $3-$5 a day before the pandemic. Now, that Cebu City is under an extended Enhanced Community Quarantine, very few families are lucky enough to earn a dollar a day. During this time, so many Cebuanos are under no work, no pay scheme. Some companies have closed permanently.

Father Darek suggested to me that he will send money over so these families will receive help. God always find a way. Thus, this Donation Drive was born. Initially, we thought of just giving rice and since we have received more than what we expected so I decided to add canned goods and eggs. Now, we are targeting 90 families to receive 5kg Rice, 3 canned goods and 5 eggs.

Here is the current update of the Financials:

I think doing a donation drive via Youtube Live Stream was not a good idea. Just look how much is the Youtube share. The cost of using their platform. :( I should went for Paypal Donations. Sayang.

I am waiting for other's pledges. This will be updated from time to time.

Above is the receipt from the Merchandise store where we tapped to do the ordering of rice and canned goods. I made a P15k down payment already. The goods are targeted to arrive today, June 22, 2020.

Done with the Food Pack Ticket.

There are still so many that needs help. The Founder of Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities just informed me that there are fishermen living in an island in Mactan who are requesting for rice. If you still want to donate, please donate here: Do contact me so I can tag your donation properly.

To all who donated -

This will really help a lot of families. God bless you more. Continue to be a blessing to others.

Next update will be the releasing of the Food packs. I'll see you in the next blog.

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