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What they are saying...

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Thank you so much Judy! I have been married for 16 years to the absolute love of my life from Mindanao but whenever we would have Filipino gatherings, (which to Filipinos is like EVERY DAY! lol), anyway, last night I was at the kitchen table in my house and I was surrounded by Filipinos talking Bisaya and one of them said, “naluoy siya wala kasabut” (Pity he cant understand) to which I replied “kasabut ko!” (I understand!) And a collective cheer went up in the kitchen! 😀 - after 16 years, I am finally beginning to learn and understand Cebuano and it’s all thanks to Judy and her incredible site! You won’t go wrong here guys!

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I have purchased many apps & online books in the past, which have usually left me feeling disappointed. I would learn & repeat the words, but I would never understand how to apply them in everyday conversation. YOU changed that for me. So.... Thank you for the best Cebuano / Education site, ever. I could go on & congratulate you many times over in greater detail, but every compliment, of every lesson would end the same.....well structured, flexible & entertaining.

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I’ve had difficulty finding a large body of high-quality content online for learning Bisaya, so thank you again for all of your videos and hard work. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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Thank you so much for your Cebuano lessons. I found them on youtube a few months ago. My wife is from Northern Mindanao and I have tried learning cebuano through a book. But your video lessons are way better than any book I found. I appreciate your lessons greatly. God bless you and your family.





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