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Bowl = Panaksan

Wooden Bowl

Pan = Kalaha

Steak Skillet

Kettle = Takuri


Tray = Bandeha

Candlestick on Metal Tray

Ladle = Luwag

Wooden Spatula

Tong = Kimpit

Green Tongs

Thermos - Termos

Red Thermos

Pot = Kaldero

Pots and Pans

Grater - Kudkoran

Grey Grater

Knife = Kutsilyo

Blue Knife

Can Opener = Abrilata


Bottle Opener = Abridor

bottle opener.jpg

Oven = Oben / Pugon

Microwave Oven Maintenance

Stove = Estob

Cleaning a Gas Stove

Organizer = Butangan

Cutlery Organiser

Dish Organizer = Butanganan sa Plato

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Glass = Baso

Glass Cup

Cup = Tasa

Cup of Yellow

Strainer = Salaan


Bottles = Botelya

Jars and Bottles with Pickles

Container = Sudlanan

Mason Jars

Rubber Band = Lastiko

Rubber Bands

Hook = Kaw-it

Stylist Hanger

Rag = Trapo


Table Cloth = Mantil

Festive Dinner Table

Lighter = Layter

Equal Lighter

Candle - Kandila


Cake - Keyk

Flower Cake

Biscuit - Biskwet

Orange Jam and Cookies

Cookies - Kokis

Delicious Cookies

Crab - Alimango

Crabs on Ice

Coconut Milk

Coconut in Bowl

Sauce - Salsa

Seafood and Rice

Hotdog - Hatdog

Preparing Hot Dogs
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