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9 Food Packs to Senior Citizens

Maayong adlaw mga Higala! I just want to give you initial updates on our Donation drive: Food Packs to vulnerable families.

If you followed me in the previous blog, I mentioned about the Senior citizens (old folks) who were waiting for us at the bakery during the first batch releasing of food packs. These 9 Senior Citizens were waiting since 11am. They did not eat lunch yet when I got back to the bakery. You know Senior Citizens have a good place in my heart. I have high respect for them. So, I asked them to list down their names so that they could go back to their homes. I really don't want them to wait at the bakery because of the virus threat.

Here's a story I heard from one of the Seniors. She has grandkids living with her without the parents. Basically, she was the one taking care of her grandkids. I did not dig deeper on her story. Obviously, they are struggling to survive.

The next day I arranged with my volunteers Dolores and Juvy to give priority food packs to the 9 Senior Citizens.

We provided 5kg of rice and 1 fresh chicken.

Thank you to these two -Dolores and Juvy. God protect them.

Here are the receipts:

Yesterday, June 27, 2020 we have released about 113 food packs. I will give an update about it in the next blog. Kita-kita ta puhon diri.

Maestra Judy

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Beautiful to see Maestra. You're so cute, showing the store receipts:)

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